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Why Web Design Matters More Than Website Content

Why does web design matter more than website content? A well-designed website improves organic reach in search engines. Search engines do not read websites the same way that humans do, but they do have certain criteria they look for in content. In addition to creating an organized, well-structured site, web design creates a consistent style guide for publishing content. The content of your website includes headlines, subheadlines, body copy, images, and alt text. Using a style guide will ensure that all of your elements are consistent across your website.

Good web design benefits the client. Good design considers the customer’s experience and the value they derive from your site. Visitors who find it easy to navigate through the website are more likely to stay longer. This is crucial to a business’ success. Web design must be friendly to mobile devices, be easy to navigate, and include a wide variety of features. Avoid sending visitors to broken links, a confusing layout, or the wrong pages. Poorly designed websites discourage readers from reading the content.

Web design sets the first impression of your business. It should be appealing to both visitors and potential customers. Good web design is crucial to a website’s SEO strategy. It helps generate leads and build trust. Website content also provides information and is easily shared on social media accounts. A website with a bad design will lose its audience and generate no new business. Therefore, web design and content are vital for any website.

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