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What Happens to the Unsold Pets When a Pet Shop Closes?

If a pet shop is closing down, what happens to all the pets that are left behind? Many pet owners worry about what will happen to their beloved pets after the store closes. Well, they have options. They can sell the unsold pets to another business or a broker. There are many reasons for pet stores to return pets, and you should consider them before deciding on an option.

Fortunately, Japan has passed laws that protect the animals. Its recent ban on commercial dog and cat sales is one such example. The Tokyo metropolitan government has enacted legislation to protect animals. Although the laws governing animal sales are strict, there are still some exceptions. Listed below are some of these laws. Read on to learn more about these laws. The first law was passed in 1973.

Chain Pet Stores: Petco and Petsmart are examples of these stores. These stores are often known for their sales of pets and supplies, but they also stock live animals. These animals are often purchased from animal mills, which are notorious for exploitation and abuse. In this way, you aren’t helping animals who have been traumatized by a bad experience.

In addition to these issues, pet stores often send a dangerous message to animals. One such amendment, SB 1751 Amendment 2, would rescind California’s laws protecting animals born for profit. If passed, this would endanger thousands of animals. This bill has a hearing date on January 18, so make sure to contact your state representatives and sign a Witness Slip opposing it. You can find a Witness Slip form here.

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