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Website Design Recommendations

What are some of the most important Website design recommendations? The first is to keep things simple. Use a site map and clearly distinguish sub-sections. Space them out evenly. And don’t use long-winded materials or stock photos. Google’s homepage is a great example of this. There are only two buttons at the top of the screen, but the overall layout of the site is minimalist. A good design is also easy to read and understand.

Try to limit the use of more than three types of fonts in your website design. While some projects call for more elaborate font combinations, too many types can make the design look cluttered and distract from your brand’s identity. Also, try to vary the weight and size of content on your website to draw the reader’s eye. And make sure you have a logo, tagline, and contact information easily accessible. Keeping your site simple will make it easier for people to understand and use.

Next, pay attention to the structure of your site. Good design rarely happens by accident. Instead of diving into coding, sketch wireframes to make sure everything flows well. It’s also best to have a clear navigation structure and pages of content that flow naturally. And never forget to consider the target audience before you create any design. You’ll be glad you did. And you’ll have more users and a stronger market share if you design with their needs in mind.

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