Washi Tape Printing: What Is So Special About Washi Tape?

If you are an artist then you should know about the importance of decorative tape like washi tape. As a decoration lover this post is going to be useful for you. Washi tape printing is a popular decorative masking tape used to decorate surfaces. The tape can be easily written on, cut, or torn off as needed, and it’s ideal for furniture, walls, and more.

It is becoming increasingly popular in the world as people discover its many uses. So what is so special about washi tape? This tape is loved for its versatility and its unique aesthetic. If you are looking for a way to add a little bit of flair to your life, washi tape is the perfect solution.

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Easy To Write On Washi Tape.

Washi tape manufacturer make it from natural fibers so that it won’t stick to your fingers and is easy to write on. There are various types of washi tapes available:

  • Washi paper
  • Washi string
  • Kraft paper

It’s not just a tape, it’s a craft product that can be used in many ways. Washi tape has been around for quite some time, and it’s easy to see why people love using it! You might have noticed the different types of washi tapes available on Vograce, and there are lots of them to choose from! Some have different colors, patterns, and textures, depending on what you want your project to look like. You can write on washi tape with a pen, Sharpie, and pencil.

Write With Pen

For the most part, you’ll want to use pens because they are easier to control than other markers. Also, the best markers for writing on washi tape are permanent ink markers. They won’t fade or run out over time as other brands will under certain conditions, like water exposure.

Use Sharpies

Sharpies come in many different colors, so there should be one that matches whatever color scheme is involved in whatever project you’re working on right now.

Tearable to any length

Washi tape is so easy to use that you can make your own designs. You can cut it into any shape you like! You can also use washi tape to decorate almost anything. It’s great for making gifts and cards but also does great DIY projects like these fun DIY stencils:

You don’t need scissors to use washi tape.

If you’re new to using washi tape, it can be slightly confusing. However, the adhesive on the paper is strong enough that you don’t need scissors or other tools to tear off pieces of tape.

If your hands are shaky or you’re wearing gloves, there’s another way: use a knife or razor blade instead.

Washi Tape Is A Temporary Adhesive.

Washi tape is not a permanent adhesive. It’s a temporary adhesive that you can remove without residue or damage. Suppose you want to use washi tape to hold things together, like when making cards or decorations for your holiday party. This doesn’t work well in that case because the tape will fall off after some wear and tear. If you’re planning on painting something or taking paint off of something, then wash tape might be helpful for you but mostly not.

Best For The Walls

Washi tape is not sticky enough to break paint or take it off the walls. It’s also not strong enough to hold up your favorite poster, so if you want to keep them in place, use glue or double-sided tape.

Use In Different Projects.

Washi tape can be used as an alternative to glue when sewing together paper crafts like collages and origami boxes. It comes in many colors and patterns, from classic solids to polka dots and everything in between that is why it is usable in different projects. These are usually used as accents on the page or as borders around the edges of pages. You can use them to add interest or make your project look more sophisticated by using contrasting colors within each dot.

It also comes in classic solids. Simple geometrical patterns like stripes or polka dots are always suitable for washi tape. These are also available in several different styles, including solid lines running across an object’s surface like fabric. These double lines cross over each other at right angles like zigzags. These single lines run parallel along one edge. Still, they do not intersect with another line anywhere else on the same object. You can use washi tape on almost anything, from furniture and walls to pillows and bookshelves

Use In Embroidery Projects.

Washi tape is perfect for adding color and pattern to your home. Because it’s thin enough that it won’t take away from the beauty of what you’re working on, like an embroidery project. But thick enough so that all those little details don’t get lost underneath layers of other materials like paint or wallpaper paste.

You can use washi tape in your embroidery projects in a few different ways. One way is to use it as a stencil. Place the tape over the area where you want your design to be, and then stitch through the tape. This will create a clean and precise outline for your design.

Another way to use washi tape in your embroidery is to create a resist. For this you can place tape over where you want your design to be and then stitch through the tape. The stitching will create a raised outline that will resist the dye when you color your design.

You can also use washi tape to add texture to your embroidery. To do this, place the tape over where you want your design to be and then stitch through the tape. The raised stitches will create a textured effect.


So here we have told you the special things about washi tape printing. It is growing in popularity due to its unique and eye-catching designs. This type of printing is often used for scrapbooking, card making, and other paper crafts. They make it from thin, delicate paper that is easy to tear and has a beautiful matte finish. This makes it the perfect material for creating unique and intricate designs. You can use it to create patterns, borders, and even three-dimensional objects.

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