Virginia Beach workers’ compensation claim: The burden of proof

When you are injured at work in Virginia Beach, you should take every possible step to protect your rights to get the due benefits. As the first step, inform your employer or supervisor about the accident immediately or as soon as you receive medical care. While there is a window of 30 days to notify the employer, the sooner you do that, the better. In addition to that, adhere to your medical care as suggested by the doctor and contact a Virginia Beach workers’ compensation lawyer without further delay. You are filing the claim, which means you are the claimant, and the burden of proof is on you. Here are some quick facts to know.

Proving workers’ compensation claims

You need to provide information that the accident happened at work, which makes you eligible for workers’ compensation benefits. Remember that just getting injured is not the criterion for getting compensation – the injury must be related to the job. For instance, if you were injured during the lunch break while you were eating outside, you cannot initiate a valid workers’ compensation claim. You need to share information like your wages before and after the injury, proof that you reported the injury without delays, and witnesses to the accident. You must also have medical records, including the treatment you have received and whether you have work restrictions.

Start collecting evidence

Immediately after getting injured, you need to collect information and evidence that may prove your workers’ compensation claim. Besides maintaining a medical file that contains all details, including test results, you must also get a copy of the prescriptions and documentation related to further treatment, such as surgery or physical therapy. Also, make a file that contains all the work notes and paystubs for the last year before the injury, along with videos and photos of the accident. Testimonies from your colleagues and coworkers can also come in handy.

Get a lawyer

Understandably, workers’ compensation claims are complicated, and injured workers are often not aware of the steps they must follow immediately in the aftermath. Your best bet is to hire an attorney to work on the claim and handle the necessary paperwork. The excellent news is workers’ compensation attorneys in Virginia won’t charge an upfront fee, which gives you the opportunity to seek legal assistance for the claim. You can meet an attorney in person to discuss your claim, for which you don’t need to pay a consultation price.

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