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Security and Observing With a Video Observation Security Framework

The Karimaa work takes a comprehensive look at the issues related to video surveillance security and divides it into layers, with each layer dealing with a different challenge. This article focuses on the challenges that are associated with heterogeneity in the security of surveillance systems, the high volumes of data transferred between camera locations, the protection from eavesdroppers while communicating over public networks, and the design of storage systems.

While there are few papers dedicated to the IT security of video surveillance systems, the underlying technologies are crucial to the overall security of these systems. These technologies can detect and prevent a wide range of threats, from camera tampering to forged video material. The key issues related to video surveillance are both complicated and critical to the survival of the organization. The advancement of security and surveillance technologies has become increasingly important for commercial organizations.

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Video content analytics are particularly useful for detecting anomalies and patterns in video recordings. With the right set of algorithms, surveillance personnel can easily configure notifications when they observe a particular pattern or act suspiciously. A call to action can be generated any time an object enters or dwells in an area that is sensitive. As with any other security framework, video content analytics is an essential component. As the data collected by the system grows, so does the need for improved security.

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