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Rivalry, a company that has raised $20 million from Takahashi Venturebeat, has a diverse customer base. Its average customer is 25 years old. It invests in gaming media and esports. Its main markets are Eastern Europe and Latin America.

Rivalry raises $20m  

The next big thing in esports betting is Rivalry, a sports betting app that’s raised $20 million from Takahashi Venturebeat and Leeds Illuminate. With a PC and mobile app, Rivalry is making placing bets on esports and sports matches easy. The company is currently expanding into the US and is planning to go public this year.

Rivalry Interactive is a sports betting startup that is working to secure a gaming license in Canada. The company is committed to making Toronto its home for innovative product development, and it is excited to offer its products to Canadians. The company says that their average customer is 25 years old, which is a target demographic for esports fans.

It invests in esports  

Esports and gaming media are growing fast, and the potential to make big money is very real. Several esports and gaming media companies are being backed by venture capital, including Rivalry Interactive. In a recent report, Newzoo estimated that esports revenue will be $1.7 billion by 2021.

In esports, the distance between fan and professional is becoming a non-issue. Fans can interact with professional players on Twitch, and there’s virtually no distance between them and the fans. The rise of esports will benefit game publishers, hardware companies, and online gaming media outlets. They’ll increase retention and increase monetization of their products.

Entertainment properties

The investment is aimed at building a digital media company focused on prominent gaming and entertainment properties. The company recently acquired the Chaos Esports Club, an esports team that has won over $5 million in prize money since 2015.

In addition to raising $65 million, Genies has launched avatar-creation tools and rolled out a digital marketplace. The next step for the company is to launch a secondary digital goods market. It will allow users to purchase their avatar and use it anywhere on the internet. Moreover, they will be able to use it as a fashion accessory or as part of a collection. The items available in the marketplace will range from spirit animal creature head collections to a Bitcoin-inspired spacesuit and fantastical warrior attire.

Genies raises $65 million

Genies has raised $65 million to expand its avatar creation platform. Founded in 2017, Genies is a mobile application that helps users dress up their digital personas in a fun way. The platform is available on both iOS and Android smartphones.

The new funding will help Genies build out its avatar system and hook into the rising interest in non-fungible tokens, which allow people to own and trade digital art objects on marketplaces. The company will also use the money to build its own marketplace for digital goods.

The company plans to launch a marketplace where developers can use the Genies avatar technology to build apps. Genies is working with hundreds of partners to integrate its technology into their apps. The idea is to create a portable identity for users. This concept has been featured in science fiction literature and cyberpunk movies for years. The company is hoping that its technology will eventually become more mainstream.

Launches avatar creator tools

The company recently announced the launch of The Warehouse, a marketplace for avatar creator tools. These tools will allow users to create and buy avatars that they can then use anywhere on the web. The tools will also enable users to trade their creations using Dapper Lab’s blockchain network, Flow.

The platform will also allow users to design and customize their own avatars. The platform will feature a celebrity and brand marketplace, as well as tools for consumers to create and share limited edition digital goods. It will also let users customize their avatars by choosing hairstyles, clothing, and fantastical accessories.

Genies plans to use the money raised from the funding round to expand their avatar creator tools. The new tools will allow users of all technical levels to create their own avatars, fashion collections, and home décor. They will also be able to sell their creations to other users in the Genies ecosystem. This will allow users to take their creativity to new levels and create a new business or brand

Rolls out digital marketplace

Genies is a platform that connects creators and users with digital goods and experiences. The platform’s digital marketplace enables users to fully customize their purchases. It features a community of artists, such as SGI Creator and Illumitati, who have over one million followers. The platform also allows users to create derivative collections using the company’s DIY tools.

The company plans to use this new funding to expand its technology and products. This will enable it to create an open ecosystem where creators can buy, sell and trade their creations. The company will also use the new funding to hire more people in engineering and invest in its core technology.

Human voice samples

Genies recently raised $65 million from venture capitalist Mary Meeker and venture capitalists. The company plans to launch a consumer version of the platform, and is now offering invitation-only beta access to the public. This will allow users of all technical levels to create avatars for their fashion and home designs. Genies will also allow users to create their own television shows and fashion lines, and create new brands and services

A custom voice wigger is a voice changer that has been developed to produce a human sound. It is a great way to achieve a unique and personalized sound. Unlike a generic voice, custom voice wiggers use real human voice samples to produce high-quality sound recordings.


With a recent 30M Series B funding, buildots is expanding globally to meet the needs of construction companies. The company’s platform is already used on several major building projects, and this new funding will allow them to double their global head count


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