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How to Wear Butterfly Braids Short

Butterfly braids are an easy way to add a bohemian touch to your hair. These braids feature two long braids on each side of the head that feed into a single braid in the back. The braiding continues down the right side of the head to the nape of the neck, where it can be secured. You can use a butterfly hair tie to secure the braids, or you can loosen them up to add a bohemian vibe.  bloghub247

You can also try making a high ponytail into a butterfly braid. You can then add crocheted hair to add length and volume. You can even add sparkly hair accessories to make your ponytail look even fancier. You can even wear your hair  hubblog  up with a simple braided updo if you want to look extra fancy. Butterfly braids look great on short hair as well. If you want to have a protective style without having to wear an updo, butterfly expotab locs are a great choice.

Butterfly locs and braids are the best way to  tter420 dress up a basic ponytail and add a unique look to your hair. You can wear them high, mid, or low to suit your face shape and personality. If you have a round face, a high ponytail may be too high for your face shape, but butterfly locs and braids are perfect for you if you want an oval-shaped face! If you’re concerned about your hair falling out, make sure you invest in a butterfly loc or braid.

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