How to Buy Bespoke Tailored Suits: A Guide

Sydney is Australia’s fashion capital. The city has witnessed diversification in people’s styles in recent years due to the influence of Asian designers and the Asian market. With the changing scenario in fashion and the evolution of personal style, more and more people have shifted towards custom-made garments.

So, since you have already decided not to buy your suit off the rack, you must search for the best bespoke tailors in Sydney. Also, consider looking at the range of black ties for men to go perfectly with the suit. And the following section of the article will guide you through the bespoke process and various customisable options so you have a satisfactory purchase.

Style and Fit

Determining the style and fit is the first step to getting a perfectly tailored bespoke suit. So, you first need to ask yourself what occasion you will wear the suit to – a wedding, social gathering or work. A suit for a countryside wedding needs to tick different boxes than the one you need for business meetings.

You also need to consider the message you want to communicate with your outfit. Also, do you want a contemporary look at a social event or need to stand out in the workplace? Based on all these indicators, you can choose between the two styles: Single-breasted suit and double-breasted suit. And in terms of fit, try keeping these things in mind:

  • Try going for a slim and flattering fit with clean lines to accentuate your shape.
  • You can go for slight padding on the shoulders to create a powerful image in the office environment.
  • The jacket sleeve length should be such that it reveals ½-¾ of an inch of the shirt’s sleeve.
  • Your jackets must be long enough to cover your bottom but not too long to shorten the leg line.


The choice of fabric by the bespoke tailors in Sydney can make a lot of difference as it is the outer fabric that is visible to others and how it complements classic black ties for men. It should also be comfortable, as the last thing you want is a fabric making you uncomfortable in Sydney’s hot and humid summers.

The commonly used materials for the outer fabric are linen, cotton and wool, while either Bemberg or silk is used for the inner lining. Each fabric has a specific level of performance and quality and comes with other properties like price, formality, durability and breathability.

Jacket Construction

After sorting the style and fit, you need to select the jacket construction. How your jacket is made determines the overall quality of a suit and how it drapes your body. Not only that, a well-constructed jacket adds to the suit’s longevity. So the three basic jacket constructions you can look at are:

  • Fused Suit Jackets

A fused jacket has fusible interlining glued to the suit’s outer fabric, both in the lapels and front panels. However, this jacket may not conform to the body as well as half and full-canvassed suit jackets.

  • Half-Canvassed Suit Jackets

A half-canvassed suit jacket comprises a thin fused layer covering the jacket’s entire front panel and the canvassing material stitched to the jacket’s upper half from the shoulders to the chest. This could be an ideal choice if you want to maximise suit quality without breaking the bank.

  • Full-Canvassed Suit Jacket

The canvas of a full-canvassed suit jacket is made of camel or horse hair and wool and spans across the suit’s front panel, including the lapels. Typically, these jackets are hand-stitched loosely in the outer fabric allowing a wide range of movement and mobility.

The above points must have helped you understand what you need in a bespoke suit. So to personalise the outfit, you need to think of some amazing accessories like lapel pins, hats, cufflinks, pocket squares, neckties, and dress shoes, and you are ready to turn a few heads.

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