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How Much Can a Person Earn in a Month With BIGO LIVE App?

If you are a big time broadcaster, you can earn anywhere from $133 to $10000 per month as a BIGO LIVE host. There are 3 levels of VIP status, and each level comes with its own cosmetic benefits and rewards. In order to earn money through Bigo Live, you have to earn enough beans to cross a particular threshold. After reaching the threshold, you can withdraw your earnings through a bank transfer. You can only do this if you have a local bank account.

To understand how the system works, you need to have an account on the app. The app allows you to start chatting with those closest to you and watch live streams. You can also use Bigo Live to play games and solve puzzles. You can also sponsor boxing matches in the future and earn attractive points for participating. You can also upload short videos or clips from your Lifetime.

To make money through Bigo Live, you need to be a member of the app. As a Bigo host, you’ll earn money by delivering gifts to viewers. You’ll also earn money by selling items that you’ve collected from viewers. If you’re a host, you can even transfer your earnings to your bank account! As a result, you can earn a great income in just a few months.

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